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Computer scientist with specialization in application technology (f/m)


During your apprenticeship as computer scientist with specialization in application technology (f/m) you will be familiarized with all the steps needed for developing application software: starting from the analysis of the process run and the client's issues, via planning, drafting and creating the software up to software test runs and creation of software documentation.

Extension of applications
You are also responsible for extending existing applications in order to adapt them to new requirements.

Apprenticeship targets
And the end of your apprenticeship, you should be able to train our clients so they can use the software developed by our company.

Duration and place of apprenticeship

  • 3 years – Dual apprenticeship according
    to the Apprenticeship Act
  • Block release

Qualifications and requirements

  • Intermediate School Certificate or High School Diploma or Advanced Technical College Certificate
  • Good technical understanding
  • Interest in working with people at
    international level

Different further trainings

  • Component developer (f/m)
  • Software developer (f/m)
  • And many more things

We offer the apprenticeship at the following location:

  • Roding