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During your apprenticeship as industrial mechanic precision mechanics (m/f) you will acquire all the skills needed for engineering. You will learn how to use machine tools like turning and milling machines properly. Furthermore you will get a CNC programming training

Apprenticeship college

During your first year of apprenticeship, you will mainly work in our apprenticeship academy where our experienced team of trainers will teach you all the basics needed. You will then get to know step by step almost the entire company according to a fix schedule to get the expertise needed in the individual departments.
Your whole apprenticeship long, you will actively contribute to our production business which will help you learning all skills required for your future professional life.

Control engineering

Besides metal and plastics processing, you will also acquire comprehensive knowledge in the fields of control engineering (pneumatics / electro-pneumatics) and assembly of machines and plants.

From small components up to important plants

During assembly, you have to handle small components which are only visible via a magnifying glass but also entire machines which are several meters long. Precision plays a decisive role during the apprenticeship. Dimensions within one thousandth of a millimeter are to be respected frequently.

Duration and place of apprenticeship

  • 3 ½ years – Dual apprenticeship according
    to the Apprenticeship Act
  • Day release / Block release (Stollberg)

Qualifications and requirements

  • Secondary General School Certificate
    or Intermediate School Certificate 
  • Good technical understanding
  • Careful approach to work

Different further trainings

  • Master craftsman (m/f) with specialization
    in metal
  • Technician (m/f) with specialization in
    machine technology with focus on mechanical
  • And many more things

We offer the apprenticeship at the following locations:

  • Roding
  • Stollberg