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Surface coater (f/m)


During your apprenticeship as surface coater (f/m), you use different techniques and processes to produce coatings on plastic materials and metals. You prepare the workpieces to be produced and the coating solutions and you check whether these have the properties needed to coat them e.g. in electroplating baths or vacuum coating plants.

Surface treatment and dipping baths
We offer you the apprenticeship needed to become a specialist for surface technology.
After having acquired the basic knowledge regarding metal refining, you will learn how to prepare metallic dipping baths, dye metals and treat surfaces according to the requirements before and after processing.

Take on responsibility
You will continuously accomplish the important task of monitoring processes, plants and control devices, especially for automized procedures.

Insight into chemical reactions
Your apprenticeship as surface coater also covers other interesting fields like surface finishing (grinding / smoothing / polishing) and the training for handling acids and lyes offering you an insight in chemical reactions.

Duration and place of apprenticeship

  • 3 ½ years – Dual apprenticeship according
    to the Apprenticeship Act
  • Block release

Qualifications and requirements

  • Secondary General School Certificate
    or Intermediate School Certificate
  • Good technical understanding
  • Careful and precise approach to work

Different further trainings

  • Master craftsman Galvanizer (f/m)
  • Technician with specialization in
    electroplating technology (f/m)
  • And many more things

We offer the apprenticeship at the following locations:

  • Roding