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Technical product designer for machine and plant construction (f/m)


During your apprenticeship as technical product designer for machine and plant construction (f/m), you learn a technical profession offering a wide field of application in mechanical engineering and plant construction.

Basic apprenticeship
During the first months, you will receive your basic training in our apprenticeship academy. Our specialized trainers will teach you how to handle tools, operating equipment and standard consumables and how to select and use them independently.

Department for design engineering
After your basic apprenticeship, you work in the department for design engineering where you will learn the skills needed to create technical drawings and documents conform to standards and suitable for production. For training purposes, you work at the drawing board using different drawing and graphical tools but also on modern PCs equipped with the latest CAD software (CAD = Computer Aided Design).

Basic apprenticeship Control engineering
A basic apprenticeship for control engineering (pneumatics/electro-pneumatics) is also part of your learning targets.

Duration and place of apprenticeship

  • 3,5 years – Dual apprenticeship according
    to the Apprenticeship Act
  • Day release

Qualifications and requirements

  • Intermediate School Certificate or High
    School Diploma or Advanced Technical
    College Certificate
  • Good spatial sense
  • Good technical understanding

Different further trainings

  • Certified design engineer (f/m)
  • Certified design engineer (f/m)
  • And many more things

We offer the apprenticeship at the following locations:

  • Roding
  • Stollberg
  • Dresden