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| Roding, Germany / Kaohslung, Taiwan

Article only available in German and English

Since Asian locations are gaining more and more importance the Group relocated its office in Taiwan.

The Mühlbauer Group continues improving and expanding its international presence. The next step in the ongoing internationalization is the renewal of the location in Taiwan. Mühlbauer Taiwan Office now has moved to Qiaoxinhuan Road, benefitting from enlarged facilities. Customers profit from larger spare part stock to guarantee for faster service reaction times. At the same time the local team headed by Freddy Wu was expanded. Due to the larger size of the new office a demo room will soon be available equipped with a good deal of sample materials and the latest generation of a Die Sorter Manufacturing System. Local customers can then enjoy a live demonstration of the system and also trainings can be held in the city of Kaohsiung.


Asia gaining importance
Especially for the RFID- and Semiconductor Backend industries Asian markets are increasingly gaining significance. Therefore Mühlbauer is constantly striving to improve its presence in this growth market. In addition to the already existing locations e.g. Malaysia and India the Group is currently building a new plant in Wuxi, China.