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SSC 2502 - SSC 2502/1

Semiautomatic Sheet Collating Systems

The semiautomatic operated sheet collating system SSC 2502 is designed for the gathering and prefixing of plastic foils into sheets ready for lamination. Distinguished by its high flexibility the SSC 2502 is versatile and easy to handle. A swivel table along with a vertically adjustable frame and foot switch operation method make the equipment easy to use for any operator. Adjustable edge guides and additional thermal welding units allow for the collation of a wide variety of products including sheet sets containing contactless inlets.
The manually operated sheet collating system SSC 2502/1 is also designed for collating and welding of plastic foils into sheets ready for lamination. The system is flexibly adjustable in height and table position for operator friendliness. The layers are manually aligned to reference edges and prefixed manually with an ultrasonic welding unit. This allows prefixing of a complete set simultaneously in less than one second and setting a random number of spots. After the collating process the prefixed sheets are removed manually by the operator.

Key Features

  • Semiautomatic operated collating system for individual sheet layers and security layers
  • Suitable for standard collating tasks as well as for security applications
  • Smallest footprint requirements and most easy operation
  • Easy set-up and maintenance
  • INCAPE ready


Productivity / Process Units

  • Alignment of sheet layers based on cutting edge of the sheet
  • Adjustable stop-pins on table
  • SSC 2502/1 – manual ultrasonic welding unit
  • SSC 2502 – foot switch operated thermal welding
  • Adjustable welding temperature
  • Availability: Up to 95%
  • Yield: Up to 99.7%
  • Environment conditions: Room temperature: 23°C; +/-3°C; Humidity: 50%; +/-10%


Technical Data

  • Sheet materials: PVC, PC, ABS, TeCoLas®; others on request
  • Sheet size min. / max.: 290 x 290 - 800 x 800 mm
  • Sheet thickness min. / max.: 50 - 400 μm
  • Max. collating thickness: Up to 1 mm
  • Max. welding temperature: Up to 450°C
  • Throughput: Up to 100 sheets / hour; depending on material and operator

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