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SSH 2008

Semiautomatic Sheet Hot Stamping System

The semiautomatic sheet hot stamping system SSH 2008 is used for applying security features on overlay or core sheets. Prior to the sheet lamination process, the hologram is embedded inside the document. This is a cost efficient, economical and easy to operate solution that provides high-quality security features for different applications including ID documents like ID cards and passport holderpages etc. DOVID are processed from the reel and transferred directly to the core or overlay sheet.
This is achieved through freely programmable parameters such as time, pressure and temperature. The carrier material is rewound onto the reel saving space and reducing changeover time. An integrated vacuum system ensures smooth handling without damaging the sheets and guarantees a highly accurate placement of the hologram. This system can be flexibly integrated into any production environment making the SSH 2008 extremely versatile.

Key Features

  • Semiautomatic hot stamping system for the application of security features on sheet-layers
  • Wide range adjustable process parameters suitable to process all security features available in the market
  • Highly accurate and programmable positioning system
  • User and operator friendly, easy to learn and maneuver
  • Fast and easy use of interchangeable parts and / or products
  • Customizable stamping tool design and manufacturing
  • INCAPE ready


Productivity / Process Units

  • Manual sheet loading
  • Vacuum fixing of the sheet on application table
  • SPS controlled machine operation
  • Easy teach mode of application position
  • Flexibly programmable x/y table
  • DOVID alignment to print mark or programmable fixed transport steps
  • Availability: Up to 95%
  • Yield: Up to 99.7%
  • Environment conditions: Room temperature: 23°C; +/-3°C; Humidity: 50%; +/-10%


Technical Data

  • Sheet materials: PVC, PC, ABS, TeCoLas®; others on request
  • Sheet size: Max. 630 x 535 mm
  • Sheet thickness: 50 μm to 3,000 μm
  • Max. tape width of security material: 55 mm
  • Max. hologram diameter: Typically 20 mm
  • Application accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm
  • Hot stamping force: Continuously adjustable up to 3 kN
  • Temperature range: 20°C – 170°C
  • Throughput: Up to 1,250 units / hour; depending on application processes and operator

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