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RFID / Étiquettes intelligentes


From the very beginning, Mühlbauer machines have been setting global technology standards in terms of speed, quality and flexibility. Our mission is to always provide our customers the best price-performance ratio coupled with the certainity of always being at the cutting edge of technology.



Mühlbauer's RFID Factory

Mühlbauer will provide you with an equipment platform that covers all technologies for all your business opportunities - whether you need labels, tickets, tags, cards or ID documents. All of our equipment and the respective processes for antenna production, inlay assembly, converting and personalization fit together perfectly, to form the most efficient RFID production solution. The uniform equipment design furthermore enables easy operation and maintenance and allows the minimization of spare parts stock.

We know the materials, requirements and applications in this area – a unique worldwide competence and equipment portfolio that has grown through 20 years of high volume, high quality RFID production. It is our daily business to plan, install and ramp up complete RFID factories together with our customers – a real partnership that is growing from day one.