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Direct Chip Technology

Mühlbauer's Inlay Production Systems

FCM 10000

  • Perfect for low and mid volumes of HF and UHF inlay production tasks
  • Fast changeover times between different products
  • Handling of smallest (< 0.3 mm) and thinnest (< 75 mm) dies
  • Perfect quality of 99.7% yield like all Mühlbauer machines
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TAL 9000

  • The most suitable start up solution for wide web (HF or UHF)
  • Fast conversion time
  • Handling of different chip sizes from 0.3 x 0.3 mm up to 3.0 x 3.0 mm
  • Best cost/performance ratio for mid volume inlay production
  • Reel or sheet output possible
  • Ideal for regular and irregular web layouts
  • 100 % vision control on each process step
  • Easy adjustment for different antenna formats
  • Handling of all common chip types
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DDA 20000

  • Superior performance with up to 20 000 UPH
  • Chip attach cost decreased by more than 50%
  • >99.7% output yield - no compromise on quality
  • Enormous potential for further cost reduction (speed increase, chip shrink, ....)
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TAL 15000

  • 5th generation of TAL machines; > 200 machine installations worldwide
  • Proven process know-how and high quality process stations
  • Easy changeover for different antenna formats
  • Ideal for regular and irregular web layouts
  • 100% vision control on each process step
  • Consistently high uptime
  • Best final bond coplanarity of ± 5 μm/1 mm - that defines the yield
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