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Strap Technology

Mühlbauer's strap technology systems attach the chips to a strap, which is then being slit into single rows (Strap Production). The singulated strap is then attached to the antenna web (Strap Attach).

In total, the Strap Technology takes one more process step than the Direct Chip Technology: Strap Production and Strap Attach.



Mühlbauer's Strap Technology Systems

Strap Production - DDA

  • Unwinder
  • Adhesive Jetting
  • Pre bond (Direct Die Attach) module
  • Final bond (curing) module with tester and marker
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Strap Attach - TMA 15000

  • Unwinder
  • Strap attach module
  • Test unit for functional test incl. bad unit marking
  • Upwinder
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