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CI 200

Card Inspection System

The CI 200 is an economic automatic inspection system for plastic cards according to format ID-1 in compact design. The basic system inspects the surface and prints on one side of the card. It provides automated 100% inspection of every card with a throughput of up to 20,000 cards / hour. The system is able to detect print and surface deviations of plastic cards on the fly. This inspection system is extremely versatile with a variety of options allowing for customer specific configurations.These include double sided print and surface inspection as well as one additional inspection station per side, for example UV or micro text. Furthermore output sorting is available in 2-fold, 4-fold or 6-fold with free defi nable tray allocations.

Key Features

  • Automatic card inspection system
  • Card feeding from input-card stacker / card output to multiple card output conveyor
  • Wide range adjustable and programmable optical inspection parameters
  • Independent optical systems for print inspection and surface inspection
  • Software allowing visualization of each individual inspection station
  • Statistic and reporting features; counting and sorting
  • Customized extended statistic features optional
  • Customized inspection algorithm development possible
  • Advanced teach mode by reference card (golden template)
  • INCAPE ready


Productivity / Process Units

  • Input card stacker with automatic card separation
  • Surface inspection system for card front side / back side system optional
  • Print inspection system for card front side / back side system optional
  • Optional inspection features
  • UV / Microtext inspection
  • Format inspection
  • Customized inspection features
  • Sorting system 2- / 4- / 6-fold optionally available
  • Magazine based card feeding optionally available
  • Availability: Up to 95%
  • Yield: Up to 99.7%
  • Environment conditions: Room temperature: 23°C; +/-3°C; Humidity: 50%; +/-10%


Technical Data

  • Card materials: PVC, PC, ABS; others on request
  • Card size / thickness: ID-1 / 350 – 1,000 μm
  • Resolution print inspection: 75 μm / Pixel
  • Resolution surface inspection: 75 μm / Pixel
  • Optical system surface inspection: Greyscale matrix camera
  • Optical system print inspection: Color matrix camera
  • Throughput: Up to 20,000 cards / hour; depending on process parameters

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