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Chip Module Encapsulation

At the encapsulation process of IC Module Production, the resin is dispensed to protect chip and wires against mechanical and environmental stress. Typically, the black thermal curing material or the transparent UV curing material are used for the encapsulation. Due to the high accuracy of this method, no additional surface treatment like milling is necessary. For the dispensing process itself, two different methodes can be used: Dam&Fill or Glob Top. In the Dam&Fill mode, the first dispensing head places a dam bar to limit the glob top area. Then, a second dispensing head fills the area inside the dam. In the Glob Top mode, both dispensing heads completely fill the whole module.

Mühlbauer's Chip Module Encapsulation System

CME 3060

  • High speed process Dual Glob Top with up to 40,000 UPH
  • Integrated thermal and/or UV (LED) curing station
  • New dosing design program for easy recipe creation
  • Optional inline integration of Tape Inspection System TI2280
  • 50% more curing capacity compared to other systems
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