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TI 2280

Tape Inspection

The Tape Inspection System TI 2280 performs a 100% thickness measurement check on 35mm IC Module tapes. Faulty modules are clearly marked using an automatic and x/y movable reject punch tool. The TI 2280 can be integrated to the encapsulation system CME 3060 for inline inspection or can be operated as a stand-alone system for off-line quality control. The highlights of TI 2280 are the integrated electrical test station which can finish the module if the material is already isolated (disconnected), and the fully automatic optical inspection of the glob tops and surfaces. The TI 2280 guarantees a 100% output quality control.

New on TI 2280

  • Automatic, x/y movable reject punch tool
  • 8-fold thickness measurement
  • Optional vision inspection station for top
    and/or bottom side
  • Optional electrical test station


  • Automatic spooling systems for module tapes
    and spacer tapes with integrated tape buffers
  • Automatic tape indexing system
  • Vacuum fixing of the tape at measurement
  • Detailed production data report
    (good/reject modules)
  • Graphical display and traceability file (option)
  • Menu-driven operator interface ETS
  • Spooling systems or TS 1150/I, /O
    Variant: Diameter: 12.5, 25, 40, 56, 76 mm
  • Integrated tape buff er for inline solution with
    CME 3060 (option)


  • Glob top inspection
  • Module surface inspection
  • Printer
  • Barcode reader
  • United power supply
  • Statistical analysis
  • Electrical test station in case of
  • already pre-disconnected IC Modules

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