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Chip Module Punching

During this process step cards are fed to the punching and stamping station where GSM shapes are punched out of the card. After the punching, only narrow “bridges” of plastic connections remain between the main card body and the GSM card which can be easily broken out by the end customer. The processed cards can be stacked back into standard magazines to continue with other production steps.

Mühlbauer's Chip Module Punching Systems

CMP 2000/M

  • Fully automatic system for punching and pre-cutting
  • 1 working punching / cutting unit
  • Manual card handling
  • Operator friendly
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CMP 2020

  • Fully automatic system for punching and pre-cutting
  • New Mühlbauer replug tool generation allows for the punching of multiple DUAL-SIM or all SIM sizes of one card in one step
  • Up to 3 independent working punching / cutting units
  • Single- and DUAL-SIM handling
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