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for food cans

TEMA CCI Inside, Mühlbauer’s compact vision solution for interior surface inspection of food cans in one top view image, can easily be integrated into the production line. A suitable conveyor for carrying the cans to the inspection unit clearly separated can be included into the scope of supply if required. Each can is tracked and the camera is automatically triggered when the inspection object is in the optimal position. The special lens enables a constant depth of focus for side wall and bottom in the same image. Camera and lighting do not have to be moved during the inspection process. If defects like coating defects, dirt/stains, foreign bodies, scratches, holes, cracks, or shape deformations are detected, a reject signal is given to remove the flawed can. The reject process is separately monitored to ensure a 100% reliable inspection result.

TEMA CCI Inside performance data:

  • Suitable for max. diameter 153 mm
  • Suitable for max. height 246 mm
  • Throughput depending on can size and conveying system

TEMA CCI Inside is:

  • Compact – only one inspection unit for side wall and bottom inspection
  • Rugged – no movement of camera and lighting during the inspection
  • Flexible – quick change over for different can sizes
  • Easy to use – quick set-up of new product types
  • Precise – excellent inspection performance and reject monitoring
  • Durable – high-end hardware
  • Reliable – high availability and low maintenance costs

TEMA CCI Inside provides:

  • 100% objective inspection - zero defect concept
  • Support through global service network
  • User friendly defect indication in the live image
  • Inspection and process data for further processing
  • Additional features – TEMA STATISTICS GRAPH

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