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TEMA CTI-NECKER backside for can and bottle head inspection is Mühlbauer’s new compact and price efficient system solution which has especially been designed to inspect top, side, and backside of the flange together with the can shoulder by use of one camera and in one analysis image. The inspection unit is installed in the necking machine directly on one of the tools. Positioning of the cans/bottles and process timing are very accurate. The machine movement enables the can head to enter the lighting unit which makes the illumination very efficient. TEMA CTI-NECKER backside spots defects like cracks, split curls, burrs, dents, deformation, stains, and pollution on and behind the flange; furthermore shoulder defects like stains, pollution, dents, deformation, cracks, coating defects, and even print defects. An additional inspection module for inspecting the upper range of bottle necks is available. TEMA CTI-NECKER backside communicates with the machine control and gives a defect signal every time a defective can/bottle has to be rejected.

TEMA CTI-NECKER backside performance data:

  • Suitable for diameter up to 66 mm (other dimensions on request)
  • Throughput 300 parts/min

TEMA CTI-NECKER backside is:

  • Unique – no other inspection system with the same range of performance
  • Smart – spots hidden defects and magnifies them for highest detection reliability
  • Flexible – quick change of different inspection modules
  • Compact – can completely be integrated in one necking tool
  • Easy to use – automatic functions and operator support
  • Precise – detection of smallest defects even on problematic surfaces
  • Durable – high-end hardware
  • Reliable – high availability and low maintenance costs

TEMA CTI-NECKER backside provides:

  • 100% objective inspection - zero defect concept
  • Support through global service network
  • Best adaptation to each can/bottle design
  • User friendly defect indication in the live image
  • Inspection and process data for further processing
  • Additional features – TEMA STATISTICS GRAPH

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