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TEMA SI-ROLLER has especially been designed for fully automatic inspection of rolls for roller bearings and similar products. The equipment is integrated into the production line and enables the entire inspection of the roll surface incl. the edge radius. A transport star pics the rolls and presents them in quick succession to the inspection units for both top face and end face of the roll. Following that, the rolls fall on a conveyor and are rotated for the inspection of the bearing surface. Rolls showing defects like abrasion, chip marks, insufficient honing, scratching, cavities, roughness, eccentricity of calotte, etc. are removed from the conveyor. Depending on the dimension of the roll TEMA SI-ROLLER runs at 120 – 480 rolls/min.

TEMA SI-ROLLER performance data:

  • Suitable for length 8 mm – 40 mm and 20 mm – 85 mm
  • Suitable for diameter 8 mm – 20 mm and 20 mm – 50 mm
  • Throughput 120 – 480 parts/min.


  • Proven and tested – in industrial use for more than 10 years
  • Flexible – easy exchange of transport stars for different roll types
  • Robust – designed especially for roll handling at high speed
  • Easy to use – easy set-up even during the inspection process
  • Precise – excellent inspection performance
  • Durable – high-end hardware
  • Reliable – high availability and low maintenance costs

TEMA SI-ROLLER provides:

  • 100% objective inspection - zero defect concept
  • User friendly defect indication in the live image
  • Inspection and process data for further processing
  • Network interface
  • Support through global service network
  • Easy accessibility of all machine parts

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